Public sector
talent solutions

Implementing a talent management program can make your hiring and development processes easier. With ISO 27001 accreditation, Talogy has comprehensive solutions to meet, and exceed, the high standards required in the public sector.

We are dedicated to discovering talent brilliance in the public sector

Our public sector customers trust us to provide proven solutions for all kinds of positions, including roles in:


  • Local government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Police and other emergency services 
  • Social care 
  • Civil service 


Whether you opt to use your own proprietary content in your talent assessments or prefer to leverage Talogy’s validated assessment content, we’ll deliver for you using technology that is trusted, compliant, and highly secure.


The preferred talent management provider for public sector organisations worldwide

Public sector organisations trust Talogy to provide solutions that not only solve their most pressing issues, but also stand up to scrutiny from multiple stakeholders.  


We have decades of experience in the public sector solving problems like high turnover, low employee engagement, and substandard productivity, all while ensuring every step is compliant with advanced security regulations that protect both candidate and government data.

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Common public sector positions
  • Police Officer

  • Firefighter

  • Nurse

  • Doctor

  • Social Worker

  • Care Staff

  • Civil Service Officer

  • Health Service Manager

  • Intelligence Analyst

  • Prison Officer

The test has been a really positive and engaging experience for the candidates. Talogy have been really great to work with, really flexible, really responsive, really high-quality content.

Paul Weldon

Principal Occupational Psychologist, Government Recruitment Service

Why Talogy

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


Using psychology-backed strategies alongside the most innovative technology allows us to offer solutions that are scientifically proven, easy to implement and use, and that adhere to strict security and compliance regulations.

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