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PSI Talent Management Launches an AI-Driven Video Interviewing Platform

PSI Video Interview ™ leverages science-first principles and innovative technology to compliment PSI’s wide range of assessment solutions

August 29, 2018, Glendale, CA – PSI Services LLC (PSI)‍‍, a global provider of best-in-class assessment content, leading-edge technology, and expert consulting solutions, today announces the launch of its new, cloud-based digital interviewing and talent assessment service, PSI Video Interview ™‍‍, powered by videoBIO. Integrating AI-powered digital interviewing with our existing assessments and technology provides the most diverse range of talent management solutions available, all underpinned by robust science and innovative technology.

Today’s recurring theme in talent assessment is the extent to which you can leverage artificial intelligence to accurately and fairly assess individual potential. PSI, who has been at the forefront of workforce assessment for the last 70 years, believes that supporting hiring decisions by combining the latest advancements in machine learning and video technology with proven and valid assessments, provides organizations with the greatest opportunity to drive both quality of hire and recruitment process efficiencies.

Steve Tapp, CEO at PSI commented, “For 70 years, PSI has innovated and combined our science-first principles with the emerging technology. The combination of AI-driven video interviewing with our existing suite of assessment solutions is a continuation of this approach and we are excited at the impact it can have on our customers’ talent agendas.”

PSI Video Interview™ utilizes audio, language, and emotion analysis through the integration of IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive with the delivered results being assessed using proprietary algorithms. The machine learning AI analysis of interviewees evaluates the content of the video responses for tone, personality, natural language understanding, visual emotions and provides AI-driven data to support HR decision making. Other primary system features include multi-format 1-way questionnaires (video, text, or audio), automated video interviewing with randomized question presentation, live recordable video interviews, video job applications, access to our proprietary interview question database, and collaborative rating and decision-making tools.

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About videoBIO (The Original videoBIO Inc.)

videoBIO is a leading provider and licensor of AI-driven digital interviewing software providing cloud-based market applications for HR and hiring teams with videoBIO Recruiter‍‍, Education and Campus Recruiting with videoBIO CampusRecruiter‍‍ and Culture Fit Screening with videoAI Fit Assessment‍‍. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, videoBIO specializes in providing video-based talent assessment that brings together the best of digitization efficiency, bias reduction, and human experience for both the candidate and the recruiter.


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