Talogy Leadership Team

Meet our senior leaders and talent management experts.

  • Peter Celeste headshot
  • Brad Kendall headshot

    Brad Kendall

    Senior Vice President, Americas

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  • Chris Small headshot

    Chris Small

    Senior Vice President, International

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  • David Annunziata headshot

    David Annunziata

    Senior Vice President, Federal Solutions

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  • Francis Chang headshot

    Francis Chang

    Senior Vice President, Global Product Management

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  • Luiza Cortezian headshot

    Luiza Cortezian

    Vice President, Global Marketing

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  • Talogy Leadership Team Javier Alvarez headshot

    Javier Alvarez

    Senior Vice President, Operations and Finance

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  • Talogy Leadership Team John Field headshot

    John Field

    Vice President, Product Management

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  • Talogy Leadership Team Ted Kinney headshot

    Ted Kinney

    Vice President, Research and Development

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