A blended learning approach to safety leadership development

We were excited to utilize the AIM Blended Learning Solution System as the “Capstone” of our global safety leadership development process. We found real value in developing personalised learning journeys that are tailored to each individual’s unique skills gap, while providing our leaders valuable self-awareness and soft skills to improve safety. The 1-1 mentoring session videos and reinforcement webinars are particularly impactful for our leadership.

Todd Shingleton

Corporate Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety

Company Profile

  • Wabtec is a global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and services to the freight rail, transit, mining, industrial and marine industry sectors.
  • The organization manufactures products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles.
  • The company employs over 18,000 people worldwide and operates over 50 locations across the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South America.
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The company already had a leadership training program in place, but it was primarily classroom based and lacked a strong safety component, which was critical given their strong safety culture. They wished to:

  • Add a safety element that went beyond the traditional EH&S technical and procedures-based topics
  • Focus on soft skills and behaviors that leaders often struggle with
  • Develop a solution that could be delivered remotely, while still being interactive and engaging.

The Solution

The organization wished to incorporate two key themes in this development process:

  1. Leaders making personal connections with employees across levels and
  2. Leaders being visible out on the floor, to enable employee safety more effectively. However, the most critical requirement of this endeavor was that the solution include a tangible application piece – to give leaders a clear guidance on how to apply what they learned, to improve the safety of their team members.


A customized AIM blended learning solution was developed, consisting of SafetyDNA® for Leaders, combined with competency-focused modules. Over 170 leaders across all global regions participated.

  • First, they completed the SafetyDNA® for Leaders online assessment, which measured each participant’s safety leader profile, with unique strengths and gaps.
  • Next, the leaders engaged in a 60-minute virtual exchange with a live instructor, where they learned the core concepts and behaviors associated with the SafetyDNA® for Leaders model. This was then followed by small group virtual sessions, during which they reviewed their reports, asked detailed questions, discussed implications for safety, and were provided with developmental suggestions.
  • Finally, the leaders completed three microlearning modules that focused on critical leader competencies, personalized to their assessment profile to where they scored the lowest. The Modules were very brief (<10 mins) and included engaging video vignettes, coupled with goal planning worksheets to help them create relevant, personalized, and actionable goal plans.

Key Outcomes

  • The integrated solution was successfully rolled out to over 170 leaders representing over 20 countries.
  • Remote delivery with live instructor and microlearning elements saved significant travel costs and made it time effective.
  • Leaders were assessed on 20 safety and leadership competencies and styles, then engaged in microlearning content that addressed current gaps.
  • Combining the safety leader assessment profiles with AIM competency microlearning modules enabled development tracks and action plans to be highly tailored to each individual leader’s safety leadership goals.