Talent Tech Tours

Join us for Talogy’s live and on-demand Talent Tech Tours. These 30-minute tech tours give you an inside look of our products, showing the latest in HR technology and assessments. If you join live, you will have direct access to Talogy’s experts.

On-demand Talent Tech Tours

Identify Dependable Employees with the Talogy Modular System for Manufacturing

In this 30-minute Talent Tech Tour you will learn:

  • The benefits of adopting a modular assessment approach
  • How our assessment content allows you to screen out high-risk applicants for manufacturing roles early in the hiring process
  • How to use our in-depth selection toolkit to identify candidates that will be the best match for your workforce
  • How to develop an assessment strategy that is tailored to your organization’s needs and culture
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Talogy Talent Tech Tours webinar still

Create your perfect hiring assessment with configurable modular technology

In this 30-minute product tour you will learn:

  • How modular technology can be configured to meet your organization’s unique needs and talent challenges
  • How modular technology creates an engaging candidate experience
  • The benefits of flexible technology
  • How to create a focused assessment solution while ensuring robust, data-backed measurement
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Talogy Talent Tech Tours webinar still from October 25, 2022

Drive behavioral change through personalized learning and development programs

In this 30-minute product tour, our L&D experts Rebecca Parkerson and Julie Polanski will demo key components of our AIM Learning System, including Caliper Analytics assessment data, digital learning courses, and capstone challenges, which combine to create a personalized development journey.

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Talogy Talent Tech Tours webinar still from September 7, 2022