Specialized Talent Solutions for Small and Medium Organizations

You need selection and development solutions that are simple, easy to use and set up, and versatile. While delivering you results — fast. Our specialized talent management solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), non-profits and other organizations are designed to give you that, and more.

Simplicity, versatility, and speed of result

As an SMB or other small to medium organization, you may not have the HR, development, or recruitment teams of larger organizations. But you’ll likely face many of the same talent challenges, such as hiring, retaining and developing talent.

Our SMB talent management solutions give you the people insight and analysis you need to solve many of those talent challenges — from selection of quality candidates to scalable development and succession planning. Best of all, our assessments are configured and flexible enough to fit into any budget.

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Your talent management strategy — simplified

As a SMB, your focus is on organizational stability and efficiency, and possibly growth. You understand that your people support your success, and you need to find, develop, and retain the best talent. A single employment assessment, Talogy’s Caliper Profile, can help you select top talent, predict future performance, coach leaders, and create an ideal environment for high-performing teams to thrive with precision and confidence.

Caliper Profile also connects to our AIM Learning System. This blended learning development program designs individualized learning journeys, allowing your people to better leverage their strengths, fill developmental gaps, and achieve your business objectives.

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    Speed and ease of setup, longevity of result

    From the moment you talk to us to conducting your first assessment, we know that making it easy and quick to get set up and started is critical. We also know you are busy so we work fast.

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    One solution, endless possibilities

    Caliper Profile can support you with hiring, succession planning and development. Connect it with AIM for a targeted development e-learning solution.

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    Make better talent decisions

    Our assessments and reports ensure you get data-backed insights that help you to make better talent management decisions — fast.

Gain the people insight and analysis you need to solve your talent challenges.

Explore our specialized SMB talent management solutions.

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