Interviewing solutions for competency-based interviews

Interviewing solutions for competency-based interviews

Learn and apply best practice approaches to make your interviews more efficient and predictive.

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Why Talogy Interviewing Solutions

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


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    Predict on-the-job success:

    Structured interviews have been shown to be the most predictive of future behavior on the job.

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    Ensure objective and unbiased decisions:

    Our expertise ensures decisions made during interviewing are based on evidence, fair, and unbiased.

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    Upskill your interviewing:

    With a standardized approach to interviewing, the interviewing skills of everyone in your organization who conducts interviews are improved.


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    Generate interview guides:

    Our expert consultants can generate interview guides from any assessment in your selection process, such as a personality assessment, or standalone interview guides.

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    Enable virtual delivery:

    In today’s world of work, virtual delivery of any part of the selection process is key. Talk to us about how to integrate and deliver video interviewing solutions.

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    Standardize your process:

    Our online competency-based interview generator can help standardize the interview process and provide consistency across a range of locations and teams.

What you need to know about our interviewing solutions

  • Questions can be aligned to a unique competency framework
  • Over 1,000 interview questions in our interview bank
  • Over 2,000 behavioral indicators
  • Ready-to-use interview training courses
  • Deliver legally defensible, predictive, and consistent interviewing experiences
  • Choose from a range of tech-based solutions to enhance your interviewing
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Helps you with

  • How to hire for best fit

    Problems with turnover? Evaluate and select people who are aligned to your values and more likely to stay.

  • How to identify great talent in your selection process

    Effectively identify who among your applicants has the greatest potential for success.

  • How to improve candidate experience in hiring 

    Are candidates dropping out of your hiring funnel? Poor candidate experience may be to blame. 

Delivering the necessary tools to create our Interview Guides, online, using Vodafone’s language and distinctive brand saves time and has helped to standardize the way we conducted interviews across the company, all over the world.

Deborah Preston

Global Resourcing and Development Board Manager People Capability, Vodafone