The AIM Learning System. Truly tailored. Perfectly personal.

The AIM Learning System.

Escape ordinary talent development

Designed to drive lasting behavioral change. Powered by talent experts and advanced technology. We bring together microlearning, coaching, virtual escape room experiences, and more to deliver comprehensive talent development programs.

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Bridge the gap between selection and development

Our comprehensive learning system offers the key to development that lasts. The development journey begins with our experts assessing your team’s development needs and building your perfect program accordingly. It can start with an assessment, followed by self-paced digital learning, an interactive virtual classroom, and ending with a virtual escape room team challenge experience. This flow of activities drives awareness, reinforces goal behavior, and promotes sustained behavior change.​

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Configurable components of AIM

    Digital microlearning

    Short learning modules that can be completed on the go. Whenever, wherever. Providing learners with foundational awareness of their identified learning goals.

    Virtual classroom

    Help your learners connect microlearning insights to their everyday role with virtual instructor-led training (VILT). These interactive sessions are focused on facilitated discussions and activities, helping your team to transfer their learnings to their job to be done.

    Virtual team challenges

    Power your employees’ collaborative action learning through a virtual escape room experience. Driving competency development and enabling knowledge transfer to the real world.​

    Deeper insights

    Enhance the development journey with talent assessments, knowledge checks, and personalization of the development journey.


A learning solution for any development need

Organizations in today’s world of work face critical challenges. With AIM, here are some of the key development challenges you can address:​

  • Inclusive leadership: Understand and develop the core competencies for being an inclusive leader.
  • Remote manager: Hone skills for new ways of working and learn how to get the best from your team in a virtual or hybrid environment.
  • First-time manager: Invest in development for this most critical career step; get set up for success in working through people.
  • Crisis and recovery leadership: Leaders have had to wear so many hats in turbulent times. Develop great habits now and be change-ready.

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We’re not psychology or technology —
we’re an alloy of both.


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    Be perfectly personal:

    Through our experts and assessments, we take an accurate snapshot of where an employee’s current capabilities and development needs are right now.

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    Create sustained behavior change:

    Learning is only powerful when it sticks. Our tailored development journeys reinforce lessons through multiple touchpoints, thus reinforcing continuous learning.

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    Get future ready:

    Combining our 70 years of proven experience with our deep understanding of the current disrupted world of work, our programs help you build a workforce ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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    Engage in digital microlearning:

    AIM is completely mobile-accessible, with self-paced microlearning courses that are ideal for busy employees.

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    Experience seamless integrations:

    Decide to use our flexible tech (which is used by some of the world’s largest organizations throughout the employee life cycle) or integrate with your own HRIS or LMS. 

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    Make it fun:

    Take advantage of our virtual escape room team challenge experience, instructor led trainings and learning circles to work through knowledge gaps.

What you need to know about AIM

  • Your choice of competencies – covering any industry and job role.
  • Adaptable to any stage of the talent life cycle, from selection to succession.
  • Solving real world problems and transferring learning to the workplace.
  • Powerful development journeys through personalized learning. 

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How it works

  1. Assessment: Measure baseline strengths and identify developmental needs.
  2. Personalized feedback: Understand individualized assessment results.
  3. Digital microlearning courses: Build a strong foundation for development.
  4. Learning reinforcement: Drive accountability, transfer knowledge, and promote lasting behavioral change.
  5. Virtual classrooms: Connect learning to real world team priorities.
  6. Team Challenges: Immerse participants in team problem-solving with a virtual escape room experience
  7. Robust Analytics: Optimize data-driven learning and track key success metrics.