The AIM Learning System. Truly tailored. Perfectly personal.

The AIM Learning System. Truly tailored. Perfectly personal.

The AIM Learning System does not replace your training initiatives, it enhances and accelerates them by focusing on the specific, underlying competencies that make people more effective in their role.

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A blended learning bridge between selection and development

Our evidence-based blended learning solution gives your workforce the edge to reach their potential. Applying best practices in adult learning, our solutions foster sustained behaviour change to your people anywhere and everywhere. Uniquely, learners begin by completing a validated assessment to pinpoint strengths and development needs. We then tailor their learning journey to allow them to better leverage their strengths, fill developmental gaps and achieve your business objectives.

Blended learning is not new, though our unique approach is.


    How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you are now? Our approach starts with assessment so that development journeys are based on evidence and can be tailored to specific development needs within your workforce.


    How do you know your development programme is working? Our insight goes deep and has psychology at its heart. Our content on competencies is built by I/Os to effect true behavioural change.


    How do your employees find time to develop in today’s busy world? Our microlearning approach means that development is achievable in and amongst busy working lives – and that competencies can be mastered over time.


AIM is adaptable and optimised for leadership planning 

Organisations in today’s world of work face critical challenges. With AIM, you can address these key leadership challenges:

  • Inclusive leadership: Understand and develop the core competencies for being an inclusive leader.
  • Remote manager: Hone skills for new ways of working and learn how to get the best from your team in a virtual or hybrid environment.
  • First-time manager: Invest in development for this most critical career step: get set up for success in working through people.
  • Agile leadership: Leaders have had to wear so many hats in turbulent times. Develop great habits now and be change-ready.



We’re not psychology or technology –
we’re a blend of both.


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    Be perfectly personal:

    Uniquely, through our world-class assessments, we take an accurate snapshot of where an employee’s current capabilities are right now.

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    Create genuine change:

    Learning is only powerful when it sticks. Our tailored development journeys reinforce lessons through multiple touchpoints, thus reinforcing continuous learning.

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    Get future ready:

    Combining our 70 years of proven experience with our deep understanding of the current disrupted world of work, our programmes help you build a workforce ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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    Experience interactive microlearning:

    AIM is completely mobile-accessible, with engaging bite-sized micro-learnings that are ideal for busy employees.

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    Choose your tech:

    Decide to use our flexible tech (which is used by some of the world’s largest organisations throughout the employee life cycle) or your own LMS (ask us about SCORM files). 

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    Go virtual:

    Take advantage of virtual options with one-on-one coaching over video and webinars to work through knowledge gaps.

What you need to know about AIM

  • Your choice of 44 competencies – covering any industry and job role
  • Easy-to-configure solutions to address current world of work challenges
  • No training required
  • Powerful development programmes through personalised job-related learning journeys


How it works

  1. Assessment: Complete an assessment that measures competencies and subsequent development opportunities.
  2. Pre-test: Establish a baseline for learning within a competency area.
  3. Learning activity platform: Complete self-paced competency content.
  4. Post-test: Measure knowledge gained with another test on competencies.
  5. Reinforcement: Sustain behavioural change by reinforcing the knowledge.
  6. Webinar: Address any remaining gaps with virtual instructor-led training.

We leveraged AIM for our Advanced Leadership Programme, and it enabled our Assistant Store Managers to focus on the competencies needed for success. The participants were able to apply the learning to our business quickly. It became an important part of supporting our integration to a new organisation.