Get flexibility with our Modular System for Service Talent

Get flexibility with our Modular System for Service Talent

Get flexibility with our Modular System for Service Talent

Our modular assessment system is designed so you can select the content and assessment style that best fits your hiring and development needs to create a blended assessment experience.

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The benefits of adopting the modular approach to service talent assessments

It’s more than a single product. It’s more than service industry expertise. It’s a way of doing things.

With our modular system, you can build the perfect assessment journey based on the things that matter most to you. This gives you:

  • CHOICE – You no longer need to make trade-offs between custom or off-the-shelf assessments.
  • PRECISION – Measuring exactly what you need to gives you shorter assessments, deeper job-role applicability and faster results.
  • GLOBAL READINESS – Beyond language, our content is globally relevant and ready to deploy anywhere.

What you need to know about Talogy’s service talent assessments and solutions


Our service screening solutions are administered at the top of the hiring funnel. Use a screening assessment to effectively measure risk factors to predict success in service-related roles. All supported by research, measured risk factors may include:

  • Quality risk
  • Stress tolerance risk
  • Productivity risk
  • Absenteeism risk
  • Turnover risk



  • Available online
  • Cost-effective
  • Predictive
  • Easy-to-interpret reports


Our selection solutions can help you identify the people with the relevant skills and abilities to contribute to your bottom line. Our highly accurate selection assessments evaluate candidates for positions such as customer service associates, retail associates, outbound sales, inbound sales, repair handlers, claims associates, consumer advocates and service counsellors.

Competencies may include:

  • Customer commitment
  • Processing speed
  • Ownership
  • Quality focus
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sales focus
  • Multitasking
  • Integrity



  • Candidate-friendly assessments
  • Simulations available
  • Uses audio and animation


Our development portfolio can be used to architect individual, team or workforce development programmes within service industries. Critical to success is understanding a person’s skills and competency gaps. So, at Talogy, we always start with a service-specific assessment.

  • Assessment for development
  • Entry-level career development
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Personalised blending learning

Why Talogy Modular System: Service

We’re not psychology or technology – we’re a blend of both.


  • checkmark in circle icon
    Proven prediction:

    Decrease interviewing time through a proven objective predictor of future performance.

  • adapting and developing icon
    Service industry-specific:

    We assess for the skills and competencies specific to the service industry, across the world. 

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    Clear results:

    Short and comprehensive reporting with scores for each risk factor or competency, suggested interview probing questions and a final recommendation.


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    Freedom to be flexible:

    Our modular solutions are designed so you can customise your entire talent management programme based on your unique service talent needs.

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    Bring your role to life:

    Simulations allow candidates to experience the requirements of a role in the service industry, and you get to see how they operate.

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    Improve candidate engagement:

    Our portfolio is available across multiple devices.